A few years ago I started writing on Reddit about what it means for men to live, date, and die in contemporary society. I threw off what I thought were a few random fluff posts, but as I kept writing between parts of my job, I began to realize I was creating a body of work that should exist beyond the Reddit ghetto. This is that place. Maybe some of you will stumble on here through search and see what you have always been missing, or what you have suspected but never been able to articulate. The hope is that I find others who look at the dominant culture and media world and think, “This is inaccurate” but who, like me at one point, didn’t have a better framework.

Some dates and other details are intentionally fuzzed.

The free book is the most valuable contribution I’ve made, and it is an open work: it is up to you, the reader, to complete it, by trying out its ideas and sharing your own experiences. In addition to the free book, I’ve written a novel, THE GOOD GIRL, which is more fun and valuable than the individual posts and essays. Smart people read coherent and organized material with the bugs worked out; less smart people rely on disorganized and scattered thoughts, then try to put those thoughts together into coherence on their own.

Your journey may start at The Red Quest but shouldn’t end here, as many other guys have fruitful things to say:

* Night Roller (newbie)

* Dalrock

* Days of Game

*Madd Monk

* The Rational Male

* Magnum

* Krauser PUA

* Good Looking Loser

* Daygame Breeze

Contact me with good writers. The guys above are not uniform in their temperament, stories, or advice, and I don’t buy everything they write or say… for many of them, I’d endorse less than 50% of what they say… but they are all interesting, and that’s a lot.

If you’ve new to Red Quest, start with…

1. Sex clubs, swingers, and game. To my knowledge, no one else writing in this space has covered sex clubs and non-monogamy, and doing so is the one unique thing I’ve contributed.

2. You only see the tip of the spear. Fundamentals take years and sometimes decades to build.

3. The best books for learning game. It’s not possible to learn as much from scattered blog posts as it is from books dedicated to a subject. People will spend many hours on a task that could be made much more efficient through a few hours with a book. If you’re looking for game fundamentals, Krauser’s Daygame is a winner. Mystery’s The Mystery Method is still good. There are many others.

4. Zero sugar will change your body and life. Fundamentals.

5. Fashion and clothes for players.

6. Curiosity leads to sexual freedom… and threesomes… and storytelling. Guys who get laid a lot are usually good talkers. So become one.


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