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The free ebook SEX CLUBS, NON-MONOGAMY, AND GAME is available for download as:

* A .mobi file for Kindle readers.
* A .epub file for other readers.
* A PDF, for anyone who wants to print a copy or read in some other manner.

The paid, paper version is here, on Amazon, should you desire a one-click, fast-delivery option. The Amazon ebook download is also available; many people have a wireless delivery workflow for Kindle books, and I want that option available.

If you like it, you’ll probably also like my novel, THE GOOD GIRL, which also speaks to the challenges of modern life and seduction,

He meets Maggie on the street, cold reading her like she’s a tarot card and hoping she’s entertained enough not just to say she’ll go on a date, but to actually appear on it.

She’s between boyfriends and more open to men than usual, but wary enough of a random man’s birdsong, however compelling the initial birdsong might appear.

He’s got a secret plan, she’s got justified suspicions, and the game that unfolds is, in some sense, The Game—the universal game all men and women play.

The tension between them can’t be resolved without destroying the game, and yet the tension and uncertainty draws them both together, propelling them towards unpredictable ends that will leave both changed, forever.

Please get in touch if you have ideas or responses to either book. I view SEX CLUBS, NON-MONOGAMY, AND GAME as a potential work-in-progress: I don’t think I’ve covered every aspect of the topic, but I haven’t read any books that are as detailed and thorough as this one. I’m especially interested in any guys who put the ideas and systems I articulate into practice. Do your experiences match mine? What cities are you operating in? What are things like for you?

It’s an organized, comprehensive description of how sex clubs and parties work, how non-monogamy works, and how to think about incorporating non-monogamy into your game. If you’re not heading towards having children with a woman, you’re already doing tacit non-monogamy. Why not figure out how to do well, instead of doing it poorly, as most guys do?

SEX CLUBS, NON-MONOGAMY, AND GAME is being released under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license, meaning anyone can redistribute or edit the book, provided that your version attributes the original to “The Red Quest.” I have gone back and forth about whether I should make this book free or paid. A free book is more easily available, but most people value a thing at its price: “free” things are usually worth what’s paid for them. I hope SEX CLUBS, NON-MONOGAMY, AND GAME is the exception to that principle.

There are other free books discussing the game floating around, with THE BOOK OF POOK being the best-known: I just read it. I hope this book will be passed from player to player, without legal restriction, and that guys learn to be guys and how to live their possible lives. Please email the book to whoever needs it.

SEX CLUBS, NON-MONOGAMY, AND GAME is dedicated to everyone who has ever taught me about the game: most, I don’t know their true names. The first version of the book was about 33,000 words, and the present version is up to 54,000 words, the majority of those additional words in response to reader feedback. Many readers have encouraged me to think more clearly, illuminate more ideas, and deal with corner cases forgotten in the initial version.

This is an open work: it is up to you, the reader, to complete it, by trying out its ideas and having your own experiences.

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