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So many great points. Thought-provoking.

Seems like many of us struggle with the fact that achieving long-term goals

requires sacrificing many options. First we must recognize & accept this fact.

We must ask ourselves 'Would I rather have X, or Z? Because I can't have both.'

For me, a big lesson I had to learn was how important it is to make the daily process at least tolerable enough that I can consistently put in enough work to have a chance to achieve the goal within a reasonable period of time. Making it tolerable enough requires (among other choices) choosing to perceive the daily experience of it in a way which makes it intrinsically rewarding enough to keep doing it without any guarantee that your investment of time & effort will eventually bring you the ultimate rewards you hope to get.

We might ask why so many people have unrealistic (and self-defeating) expectations.

Who conditioned their thinking this way, and why?

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