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Interesting. I ordered the book. I never clubbed but knew a promoter - he was Johnny Depp-level cute and really fun. I didn't understand what he did even after he explained it multiple times. "Don't people just go to clubs?" I asked him. Now I get it. He corralled young women, non-stop, and laid a bunch while he was doing it lol. There's also a huge drug game here I imagine. And women never have the drugs. Never. The guys are the fun, the money, the drugs, the night.

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I was a promoter in Miami and New York for nine months. I stopped this past winter.



I read most of Very Important People and can confirm that it's largely accurate, though it's mostly out of date now as the nightlife world has changed substantially pre-pandemic.

> Amusingly, for a book that is written by a "feminist" author, girls don't like female promoters

This isn't true. Women overwhelmingly prefer to go out with female promoters. The female promoters I knew had a stupidly easy time getting girls to go out with them.

The issue is rather one of availability and longevity: it's a male-dominated profession, for obvious reasons. Secondly, the women that do go in rarely have staying power. Without the incentive (sex) to do the job, they eventually move onto the next thing.

That being said, the best promoter right now in New York City (in my opinion), is female. She's an absolute ladyboss in every aspect.

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It could perhaps be argued that going to a beach is not "shit"...

Compared to some of the inane activities described here, a day trip with cute girls does not sound so bad at all. Just bring a frisbee!

Oh, and I have done this kind of thing in the past.

I believe, as long as a guy knows how to approach at day time and how to have fun in general, there is no need for "the club".

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