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Fads come and go; swapping dubious strategies for wooing women was a fad. Although there was definitely something useful to the various bits of advice people gave, almost all of what was useful was either already known, such as working out and increasing status, or a mere placebo: If you observe this ritual, it will improve your confidence, and women like confidence, therefore the ritual does indeed work.

But what was the actual use of any of it? You write authoritatively about the art of promiscuity, and I really am willing to believe that you're an absolute Casanova with an n-count through the roof, but did that really do anything? What is the difference between chasing sterile women and mastering the art of recreational drug use? Most critically, what is your number of offspring? If it's even as high as 3, OK, you seriously win. Otherwise, from an outside perspective, all of this looks like no more than a way to while away the time.

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