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It fascinates me to read things like this because it contradicts my thinking entirely. You make it sound like a love letter to a golden age, era bygone sort of tone to it. I would think with all the material out there, going back to ASF and the range of it from “easy going” literature like the No More Mr Nice Guy to more hardcore stuff like Mode One, that you’d get way more people today who are “in tune” with picking up. Not seduction, just straight pick up like ability to have a conversation, hold eye contact, make observational remarks etc.

But if what you’re saying is more on the nose then holy shit are we ever fucked.

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I am proud to have been part of the PUA scene in London, from about 2006 to 2015, as RQ mentions here. It was an amazing time of guys helping each other, pushing each other and achieving incredible success in some cases. Too bad it seems to have gone mostly quiet now. But it will always be a part of me, some lifelong friendships remain and, of course, the skills and knowledge will always come in handy.

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You've got a nice voice; I can see why women like you!

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